© 2020 Oskar Rink

Oskar, 2013  --  color-print scratched with sand paper on aludibond, polyester, cotton, spray paint, varnish, wood, museum-glass       

126 cm x 96 cm x 5 cm  (Reproduktion Uwe Walter)  courtesy Stiftung F.C. Gundlach, Hamburg                                                                                         


Works by Edgar Leciejewski

EDGAR LECIEJEWSKI (*Berlin 1977) explores the various social and scientific uses of photography. His work employs an experimental, analytic approach to the medium of photography by using various techniques and media. Besides content-related issues and the reflection of his own work, he is interested in issues such as the rhetoric of the photographic series, the photographic genre, the composition, and how as much time as possible can fit in a single photographic image. His pictures are repositories of time that allow for the slowing down of the act of seeing. Leciejewski’s work has been exhibited amongst others at Witte de With Center for Contempoary Art Rotterdam, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Kunsthalle Wien, Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig. Leciejewski lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.