The 6th Illustrative Festival  took place from the 31st of August until the 8th of September, 2013.  

The curators Pascal Johanssen and Katja Kleiss collected a high quality selection of illustration art - showcasing "illustration stars" as well as young, upcoming artists and unique design collectives. The exhibition included paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, animations and editioned works. The festival celebrated contemporary illustration and graphic art with its Main Exhibition, the Nominees of the Young Illustrators Award, the Polish Illustration Focus and several shows from universities and agencies.


The anchor of this years Illustrative was its "Main exhibition" with the highest quality of artworks of 30 illustrators from all corners of the world and the 30 international illustrators who had been selected through the "Young Illustrators Award". Visitors had the chance to discover a variety of unique work including new visual languages, cutting-edge Illustration and three dimensional works. Like in its past editions, Illustrative Festival 2013 worked on the term illustration – as crafts and artistic discipline – oscillating between commissioned work and free expression, technical innovation and traditional methods like those of drawing. This year’s focus was a show centered around originals: Since in the past years mostly digital works have been shown, this time mainly originals, in particular drawings had been selected for the main exhibition. Precisely drawing continues to be a method, which consistently generates fresh forms of expression in an ever changing and revolving art world.



The nominees for the 2012 YOUNG ILLUSTRATORS AWARD were -

Anne Mair / Eiko Ojala / Giordano Poloni / Manikhin Roman / Peter Diamond / Sarah Mazzetti / Danae Diaz / Ella Cohen / Luigi Olivadoti / Michael Willis / Rafael Alvarez / Sam Kalda / Sigrid Calon / Si-Ying Fung / Steven Tabbutt / Tal Granot / Fausto Bianchi / Gabriele Brombin / Hsiao Ron Cheng / Jean Jullien / Maëlle Doliveux / Massimiliano Grandoni / Oskar Rink / Valero Doval / Yolanda DuranSanzi Desiderio / David von Bassewitz / Seb Jarnot / Lovisa Henoch / Che Min Hsiao


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