Mono & Oskar Rink

Proud to present our third Mono Art collaboration with 🇩🇪 German painter and sculptor Oskar Rink

Inspired by Russian constructivism and contemporary architecture, her three-dimensional works are based on aspects of engineering and constructing. Preferably using simple material such as paper, cardboard and wood, she reconstructs manifested dream worlds. The process of building playfully and subversively contemplates the eternal search for a home, a sense of identity.


For Mono Tee she used the packaging as exclusive material creating a fictitious façade with the thought of wind gently wafting curtains in mind. It is meant to be a symbol for purity and lightness bearing a subtle reference to Mono Tee.

Mono & Artist

Tea is a versatile, natural, and precious substance, with a rich tradition rooted far before the rise of digital. The makers of Mono Tee have prioritized an appropriately clean-cut aesthetic for their packaging. This simple, pared-back imagery reflects the purism of the brand. Their pursuit of quality and originality is designed to excite, but above all to sustain their intrinsic dynamism. 

Consequently, they are eager to cooperate with handpicked international artists working in a variety of genres. 

The Mono & Artist collaborations turn the spotlight on the beverage carton. It can be painted, sprayed, glued, transformed into a collage, used for a completely different purpose, rebranded, destroyed, combined, and generally presented in any way the artist likes. 

The project aims to foster informal encounters, build understanding in specific areas, and enhance mutual value unconstrained by a specific purpose, all the while seeking meaning in the synergy-driven analog creation of a molecular, yet utopian brand image to serve as a vessel for the mutable character of its content – tea.