April 25 - June 27 2015 / Potsdamer Strasse 68 / 10785 Berlin

When encountering with a piece of contemporary art, a strong effect can frequently be predominant: There is something happening between the artwork and its beholder. An inexplicable sensation is evoked, which cannot be verified by classical scientific research. Inanimate objects like a canvas and color pigments, a piece of bronze, a video or graphite on paper seem to have been stimulated and start to communicate with their observer, as if a powerful human trace was inherent. It leads to a certain vibe or radiation – which might be determined as the core character of every good work of art. Sensing this radiation lets the viewer immerse deeply into the artwork and allow him or her to discover a further conceptual level behind the formal one. By emphasizing and provoking that interaction between artwork and recipient, RADIATE intends to explore and intensify the specific human experience with art. RADIATE will travel the cosms of each artwork by focussing on its meta aspects – the feelable but yet inexplicable.

installation view, photo: anna.k.o

Rade Petrasevic Trust Me On That (diptych), 2015, oil on canvas, photo: anna.k.o

Lauren Seiden Shield Wrap 3, 2014, graphite on paper, photo: anna.k.o

installation view, photo: anna.k.o

Lance De Los Reyes He May Be Proof That Great Artist Are Also Builders In Silence, 2015 acrylic and oil on drop cloth, photo: anna.k.o

installation view, photo: anna.k.o

Anthony James Morphic Field #11, 2014, bronze on limestone, photo: anna.k.o

Oskar Rink ROT, 2015 screen print on büttenpaper / courtesy of Circle Culture Gallery, photo: anna.k.o

Johnny Abrahams Untitled, 2015, acrylic on canvas, © Circle Culture