20.June -20.August 2018
18.August 2018-06. Januar2019
Straße des Friedens 6
17440 Buggenhagen

The Till Richter Museum is proud to have Oskar Rink (*1980, Leipzig) as our fifth Rising Stars Residency Artist.

Her work, consisting of oil painting, objects and installations, is material in appearance but immaterial in essence. The depicted or displayed shapes and things are not only to be understood as signifiers of objects but must be seen on a meta-physical, thus immaterial, level of psychological involvement. Rink does however not resort to psycho-analytical symbolism.

A chair does not simply represent the desire for a sedentary life. Instead the context of the chair should be taken into consideration. Stripes and shadows denote disorder and movement yet the way they are painted implies that control has been established over said disorder and movement. This control can also be detected in the elaborately exact execution of her works. Perspectives and angles, in her installations as well as in her painted work, are adventurous and dynamic but still miraculously stable.

They are like mental snapshots of collaged and combined dreams like a hermetic cubist version of Giorgio De Chirico’s pittura metafisica. The sense of scale is shattered, still things are never out of proportion. Her work is a playful, nonetheless time-consuming, reflection of immaterial and interior reactions to exterior impulses.

The artist herself puts it best when she speaks of „fragiles sphere of inner vision of outer reality“. Thus the art of Oskar Rink invites us to

reconsider the connection and viability of our own exterior and interior world, in the sense of radical constructivism (Ernst von Glasersfeld).

Text: Till Richter