Oskar Rink, TOO FAR and TOO CLOSE, 2019  /  mixed media on used solar panel / 160 x 100 cm


The Transition edition features leading international artists.
The works will be exhibited at Hotel de Rome Berlin
between April – September 2019.

Vernissage and Special Invitation Opening Dinner: April 6th

Auction of artworks by Paddle8: 16-30 MAY 2019


Founded in 2016, The Solar Panel Art Series aligns science and art, creating a platform where renewable energy meets
artistic creativity. A selection of artists and designers is invited to employ solar panels as an artistic medium. The
resulting artworks are exhibited around the globe and subsequently sold with proceeds going to Little Sun’s “Solar Kids
School Program”. The project is under the patronage of the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie.


Little Sun is a project by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen with a mission
to bring the sustainable energy to everyone.
Launched at London’s Tate Modern, Little Sun believes that the power of sustainable energy transforms lives, especially
for those 1.1 billion of us who live without access to energy. Their premium solar products and the social business
model benefit communities without electricity and bring the power of the sun to everyone.

Little Sun Solar School Program_Rwanda-1

“Solar Kids School Program” is a humanitarian project that provides clear, safe and sustainable light in the form of
solar lamps to circa 2,000 school children and their teachers in Rwanda. These kids live beyond the energy grid and
rely on dangerous, polluting and expensive kerosene or candles for their lighting.

The Solar Panel Art Series aims to raise awareness for renewable energy, now set to become the primary form of
energy in the not-too-distant future. The project would like to highlight the potential where art, technology and nature
can co-exist.